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Empowering your transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0 with blockchain solutions

Business owners are adapting to the high-value blockchain technology all over the globe. With this evolving technology landscape, Scytalelabs is your reliable and committed technology partner.

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Leading the way in the growth of the metaverse phenomenon

Skyverse is our flagship metaverse solution which offers metaverse NFT marketplace, digital twin simulations, virtual gaming experiences, events, working spaces and more.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Join forces with a blockchain development company that is value-driven with experts who provide clear and seamless blockchain solutions that are shaped and inspired by cutting-edge techniques.

Game Development

Game Development

We build games that create excitement while ensuring highest development standards in the blockchain gaming industry. Using various blockchain ecosystems, our developers are experts in creating next-generation web 3.0 games.



We are moving forward with the development of the metaverses by creating and launching decentralized metaverse projects that are supported by immersive 3D virtual worlds and metaverse applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Let's explore the next era of computing together. We develop artificial intelligence systems for our clients.

Hire blockchain developers without breaking a sweat

We’re experts at our work. If you want someone to be your technology partner and to spearhead your organization into the future, then look no further. We leverage blockchain technology to drive results for our clients. Our team works promptly to meet the deadlines for your project. Our blockchain experts, designers, marketers and developers work on cutting-edge technology and use the most sophisticated tools to create a safe and decentralized environment to protect your brand.

Project-based model

Our model is based on projects, and our software development experts are available for customer collaboration and specific client engagements.

Dedicated development team

Our blockchain specialists and project managers can multiply your productivity and ease of doing business manifolds. Our seasoned experts and technologists are here to offer high-end solutions and services to you and your customers.

Team extension

The team-extension model we offer is designed to aid clients in deciding to expand their team by acquiring the appropriate expertise for their venture.

We help businesses leverage web 3.0

Welcome to Scytalelabs, a leading provider of blockchain solutions for Web 2.0 companies transitioning to the decentralized future of Web 3.0. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses make this transition smoothly, unlocking new growth opportunities and revenue streams. Our services and products are designed specifically to address the challenges faced by Web 2.0 companies and to help them enjoy the benefits of Web3.0, including increased security, greater efficiency, and improved user engagement, while retaining the ease of use and accessibility of their existing platforms. Let us help you make the transition to a brighter, more decentralized future.

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Customer Satisfaction

“We are customer centric to our core. Our focus on customer needs enables us to truly unleash the power of Web 3.0 for our customers”

Zaid Munir

Founder & CEO

Hear from our clients

 Some of the reviews from the people and companies that we had the privilege of working with in the past

Steve Stein
    Steve Stein

    CEO Xmanna

    Scytalelabs has exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are confident that its technology will revolutionize the gaming world. The white paper they provided was comprehensive and easy to understand, outlining their vision for a new era of skill-based gaming through smart contracts on the blockchain. We are particularly impressed by their blockchain service, which seamlessly integrates smart contracts into the gaming experience.

    Robin Fong
      Robin Fong

      CEO Identity Check

      Scytalelabs redesigned our digital identity system with a Blockchain framework. Results are outstanding--we are competitive at a higher level and will be working with them on further enhancing our system.

      Mary Wingo
        Mary Wingo

        Project Minga Ecuador

        Scytalelabs team was a pleasure to work with. We essentially had to program a community service monetization system, with all the checks and balances. Zaid and his team came up with many novel Solutions and to this day I'm very proud of them. We have also talked about doing a blockchain based barter system, where barters of large value can take place without money. I give my full recommendation to this talented team.

        Steve Stein
          Steve Stein

          CEO Xlantis

          Scytalelabs has been a game-changer for us with their NFT API. Its team of experts helped us with the technical aspects of the NFT platform. They also provided valuable insights and advice on utilizing NFTs to drive our business forward. We recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and innovative partner.


            Managing Director Veztek Usa

            Scytalelabs has demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and the challenges we face, consistently showing their technical expertise and willingness to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. Scytalelabs has become a trusted partner for VezTek, and I am confident that they can provide the same level of service to other organizations seeking reliable technology partners.

            Ashton Hettiarachi
              Ashton Hettiarachi

              CEO and Product Architect Deeplink

              Zaid’s team did a good job in building our product tech with us. Their team is talented, professional, and efficient, and their expertise allowed us to meet our timeline for our research and development projects. They are very responsive and held high-quality work and made sure that every detail in the project works well. They are truly an amazing team to work with. We look forward to building things together with them again.

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