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Blockchain Development Case Studies

Salient details of some of the projects for our clients

Scytalelabs Develops Uniswap Alternative for Casperlabs Blockchain

Casperlabs is a next-generation blockchain platform that provides a scalable and secure infrastructure for decentralized applications. Scytalelabs, a leading blockchain development company, was approached by a customer to create an alternative to Uniswap for their blockchain. The project required the development of contracts in RUST, contract indexing services, backend services, and a front-end UI/UX.

Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Solution for Sustainable Apparel Business

The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, and as consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices, there is growing pressure on apparel businesses to operate sustainably. In response to this, we developed a blockchain-based solution that enabled our client, a leading apparel brand, to track carbon emissions and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) throughout the supply chain. The solution provided transparency and traceability, allowing our client to take concrete steps towards meeting their sustainability goals and making their business more sustainable.

Prototype for DHS Passport and Immigration Services

Scytalelabs is a technology company that specializes in developing secure and innovative solutions for complex identity and access management challenges. In response to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) call for proposals, Scytalelabs submitted a grant application proposing a prototype to prevent document fraud using Self Sovereign Identities powered by blockchain. The prototype addressed the two Technical Topic Areas (TTAs) outlined by DHS, which were the issuance and verification of certificates, licenses, and attestations and the storage and management of certificates, licenses, and attestations.

IMEX: Revolutionizing Conventional Trading Operations through Smart Contract-Based Escrow Management

Conventional trading operations are often plagued by intermediaries, leading to increased transaction costs, delays, and security risks. IMEX is a revolutionary platform developed by Scytalelabs for a client seeking to streamline their trading operations. The platform uses smart contract-based escrow management to eliminate intermediaries, reduce transaction costs, and provide secure and efficient trade solutions.

Blockchain Implementation for Xmanna's Skilled Gaming Service

Scytalelabs was approached by Xmanna, a skilled gaming service, to help bring their vision of a blockchain-based platform to life. Scytalelabs worked closely with Xmanna to develop a comprehensive solution that would support the efficient collection and dispersal of funds for games, as well as ensure fairness in gameplay. The end result was a flexible system that can be moved to any EVM-compatible blockchain.

Scytalelabs helps Xlantis Tokenize In-Game Assets using NFTs

Xlantis is a gaming company that creates virtual worlds and metaverses. To enhance user experience, they wanted to incorporate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into their gaming ecosystem. They approached Scytalelabs, a blockchain development company, to create an NFT backend service that could tokenize their in-game assets and make them available on the blockchain.

Scytalelabs Supports in Addressing Adoption Friction for Decentralized Technologies is a startup based in the USA that aims to address the adoption friction businesses are facing in setting up Proof-of-Concept (POC) applications for specific use-cases using popular decentralized technologies such as Fabric, Burrow, Corda, and Ethereum. As part of its core team, Scytalelabs was responsible for designing the business model, providing consultancy on all aspects of Fabric, Corda, and Ethereum, designing the SaaS platform for businesses to test POC solutions, authoring the complete white paper, authoring marketing copy for presentations and the website, designing the software architecture, and authoring an SRS for the solution.

Consultation Services for SSA's Sports Company

As a sports company, SSA faced several challenges in developing a digital platform. They needed to ensure the platform was user-friendly, engaging, and scalable while also meeting the unique requirements of their business. Additionally, they needed to develop a comprehensive business strategy that would attract and retain customers while ensuring the success of the project.